What is Transport Tycoon?

Transport Tycoon is a business management simulation game where you can start your own transport company. Players use engineering and business skills to move precious cargo and thousands of passengers in order to make a profit. It's a first-class ticket to countless hours of rewarding and absorbing entertainment!

Transport Tycoon for mobile devices is a revitalized version of the original PC game, while still containing everything that made it a world-famous classic. You'll experience bigger, richer worlds, deeper and more addictive simulation, and the largest variety of land, sea and air vehicles ever assembled.

Will Transport Tycoon be a premium or free-to-play game?

Transport Tycoon is a premium game. It is available for iOS and Android platforms.

What platforms is it available on?

Transport Tycoon is be available for iOS and Android devices.

The iOS version is playable on iPhone (4 and newer), the iPod Touch (4th generation and newer), the iPad 2 (and newer) and the iPad Mini. For optimal gameplay, iOS 6.0 or above is recommended.

What is the release date for the game?

Transport Tycoon was released October 3, 2013.

Will Transport Tycoon for mobile still embody the classic Tycoon elements?

Yes! The game is very much true to the "Tycoon" label and hasn't been watered down whatsoever. It's one of the most complex simulation games ever to be launched on mobile platforms.

Does the game take advantage of the features of mobiles and tablets?

Transport Tycoon has a completely new user interface designed for touch screens. Players can quickly and easily explore and interact with the game world, making the game feel more tactile and immediate as a result. It was important to keep the core gameplay and rich graphical style as it was, but we had to carefully adapt and enhance it to encompass the touchscreen interface and mobile experience.

Who is the developer of Transport Tycoon?

Transport Tycoon for mobile platforms has been designed and directed by legendary game designer Chris Sawyer in partnership with Origin8, a veteran development studio that has recreated and restored Sawyer's original simulation code.

Who is publishing Transport Tycoon?

31X Ltd is the publisher of Transport Tycoon. The company was formed by Chris Sawyer in 2010 to develop the game for the new generation of social and mobile platforms.

What else has Chris Sawyer created?

Legendary game designer Chris Sawyer has created Transport Tycoon, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, RollerCoaster Tycoon (including two expansion packs for the game, Corkscrew Follies and Loopy Landscapes) and RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. The RollerCoaster Tycoon series remains the largest selling PC only game to this day.

Can I make my own scenarios/maps?

Not yet - but since this was possible in PC versions of the game, we can't rule it out for future updates!

Will there be a version for PC or Mac?

There are no plans to recreate Transport Tycoon for PC or Mac platforms as of now. We hope that PC gamers who also own an iOS or Android phone or tablet will embrace the new game as a revitalized version of the classic original.

Will there be a version for Windows phones?

Right now, Chris Sawyer and the Origin8 team are completely focused on Transport Tycoon for iOS and Android platforms.

Will the new version be exactly like Chris Sawyer's Locomotion?

Transport Tycoon is completely re-written (a consequence of the original games being written in 8086 Assembler, which can't be recompiled for other platforms!), but the game design is very much based on Chris Sawyer's older games with an updated interface and controls to suit mobile platforms. Simply put, the game aims to recreate the original Transport Tycoon experience, while incorporating selected improvements introduced in Chris Sawyer's later games.

Can I share or back up my saved games?

You can back up your saved games through iCloud on iOS devices and Google Drive (Google Play version only).

I found a bug in Transport Tycoon! Who do I contact?

If you find bugs in Transport Tycoon or its companion app, please contact our support team at support@transporttycoon.com.