An exclusive interview with Chris Sawyer and the development team of Transport Tycoon mobile.
Chris Sawyer, Steve Clark, Jas Austin, Antonia McGuire, Laurence McDonald and Jacqui Lyons

  • 1. How did you first get into programming and games?
  • 2. How did you learn, back in those days? Was it books, teachers, magazines..?
  • 3. What were you working on before Transport Tycoon? The games of the '80s and early '90s?
  • 4. It's the 20th anniversary of Transport Tycoon. We know what Chris was doing - making Transport Tycoon. What about the rest of you?
  • 5. Where did the original concept for Transport Tycoon come from?
  • 6. Can you explain a little about x86 assembly and why some people are surprised that Chris programmed his games it?
  • 7. We've covered this a bit already, but why assembly instead of a high level programming language?
  • 8. We've got a couple of fans asking "How do you keep a project like that organised?"
  • 9. Can you remember what editor you used?
  • 10. How long was the development cycle from conception to release?
  • 11. How did you get involved with MicroProse?
  • 12. How was Transport Tycoon financed? Did MicroProse put some money in, did you self finance it or some other option?
  • 13. A couple of other names always come up in relation to Transport Tycoon - John Broomhall, the composer, and Simon Foster, on graphics. How did you meet them?
  • 14. We've briefly touched on the text editor you used, were there any other notable tools? And what about Simon's equipment?
  • 15. Lot of the buildings in the game seems to be influenced by the location you were in at the time?
  • 16. And then later on you've got the more whimsical ones, the Martian graphics and Candy Land, what inspired that?
  • 17. Are there any features that you planned for Transport Tycoon and Transport Tycoon Deluxe that didn't get implemented?
  • 18. If you could start Transport Tycoon again, knowing what you know now (and assuming 1994 tech), what would you do differently?
  • 19. Did you have any idea of the longevity of this game? That it would still be played 20 year later?
  • 20. RollerCoaster Tycoon started off as an experiment for a Transport Tycoon sequel. Did you start from scratch or did you reuse anything from Transport Tycoon?
  • 21. Can we talk about the sales of your games, in general? I think you've mentioned Transport Tycoon performed worse in America than in Europe.
  • 22. Did RollerCoaster Tycoon follow the same sales patterns as Transport Tycoon?
  • 23. Do you ever regret letting go of the RollerCoaster Tycoon IP?
  • 24. Let's pretend there's a time machine in the basement. We grab an iPhone 6 with Transport Tycoon running on it and hop in the machine back to 1994, where you've just finished the original game, and we show you this thing...
  • 25. What was the genesis of mobile Transport Tycoon?
  • 26. We've covered how the original game was built in x86 assembly. How did that affect bringing it to iOS and Android?
  • 27. Chris, how much involvement did you have in the mobile version?
  • 28. What are your favourite and least favourite aspects of modern mobile platforms? What do you like and dislike about them specifically?
  • 29. We're coming to the end of these questions, so on to the future. Any interest in making another Transport Tycoon game for PC?

Thanks to all Chris's fans for asking questions and inspiring conversation topics for this Q&A, in particular Jake Briggs, chichille8, CrodChris07, Matt Davis, Gregory Desrosiers, Mark Goninon, Adam Jackson, Michael Legner, Roger Robuste and Roman Vetter.

Chris SawyerExecutive Producer (31X)
Jacqui LyonsExecutive Producer (31X)
Laurence McDonaldProducer (Origin8)
Steve ClarkProgrammer (Origin8)
Jas AustinProgrammer (Origin8)
Antonia McGuirePR/Support & Interviewing (Origin8)